Courthouse Construction and Renovation

Jurisdictions undertake the improvement of their judicial facilities for a variety of reasons:
  • Growth and/or changes in the court's workload.
  • Need for building repairs and alterations.
  • Inappropriateness of existing spaces or systems to meet current needs.
  • New services or programs.
  • Changes to the court’s organization or jurisdiction.

McLean Co ND courthouse architect drawing3-East Elevation.jpg
McLean County, North Dakota Courthouse Drawing

Once a courthouse is constructed, its operation reflects the choices - deliberate or inadvertent - made during planning and design.

McLean Co ND courthouse DSC_0069.jpeg
McLean County, North Dakota Courthouse

Project Phases and Tasks

  • Pre-Bid Conferences
  • Submission of Bids
  • Bid Evaluation and Award
  • Staff Assignments
  • Operational Policies
  • Special Training

Planning and Design Issues
While Planning and Design are unique phases of the overall process to build
and occupy a courthouse, many of the tasks take place concurrently.
Essential activities and considerations that may occur in either or both
of the Planning and Design phases include: